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Case Study



Microsoft Design wanted to inspire their internal design teams to think about new ways of developing interactive experiences across a range of devices and platforms. They then decided to make a public-facing film to generate conversations about the role of IxD. Connecting: Makers is the second chapter in this series exploring the future of experience design.

What we did

We interviewed thought-leaders across the various disciplines of technology and design.

We crafted our conversations to explore the following topics

  • Philosophy of Design & Innovation: What are your core beliefs?
  • Connected Things, Tools, & People: Where are the greatest challenges and opportunities for our connected future?
  • Social, Moral, & Cultural Implications: What are the implications we must consider when designing connected devices & ecosystems?

We highlighted the following insights

  • Tech impacts culture in an unprecedented scale
  • Transparency of design has implications for UX and also for accountability
  • Not all innovation is positive progress

Connecting has become a viral success within the online tech and design world, having garnered close to 400K views and received press coverage in FastCo, Forbes, and the Creators Project. The films have been presented at IxDA Dublin ’12, IxDA Toronto ’13, IxDA Amsterdam ’14, DPMX Mexico ’13, FITC Toronto ’14, London Design Festival 2013 and is part of the curriculum at several academic institutions including SVA, RISD, and Parsons New School of Design.

The Connecting series is an example of our thought-leadership work. Watch it HERE.
For more Connecting content, please visit the film’s microsite HERE.