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Case Study

Innovation Kitchen


Nike iD asked the Innovation Kitchen to help design a relatively low volume product (a bag for basketball players; 10,000 units) to be sold exclusively on Nike iD.

What we did

We took the design team down to LA on a market immersion trip, hitting high schools, colleges, street courts and even a Midnight Madness Tournament in South Central where Paul Pierce randomly showed up to play.

We had players empty the contents of their bags and talk about how they used their bag.

While there was a laundry list of features they were missing, the over-riding emotion was that they felt their stuff would get ripped off when they were playing.

Security became the design imperative.

Scott Wilson (the lead designer) came up with the Hoops Jr basketball bag that used a locking carabiniere to secure the contents of the bag - or even allow it to be locked around a post or stadium seat.

Nike raised the order to 300,000 units and pushed it to brick and mortar retail as well, resulting in a new $18 million business at wholesale.